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PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Also open up your browser window as big as you can to get the best view!

The following examples are retouching projects that went above & beyond. Some had those intentions from the beginning, others quickly went that way as the image progressed. They didn’t fit into the other categories. I hope you enjoy them, and perhaps more importantly, I hope you have some ideas that you want my help with. And now without further ado, the WampMade © collection.


When it comes to stock photos that feature multiple models that aren’t family, 99% of them usually cover quite a few ethnicities. It’s a rarity to find ones that don’t follow that rule, and just to my clients luck, the one photo that had a bunch of hands reaching for one, was all WHITE. She of course needed diversity. Well presto-change-o, the magic of many races was retouched on. Some of those models were Scandinavian translucent white!


This image was provided by the client. I’m not sure why the color was stripped from the hand. The task was to make some POS that embodied the headline “Experience the charge!” Everything you see was created within Photoshop. I’m sure I used a few filters I haven’t touched since.


David Chasey shot one of our Pantone flip books, and then I covered and adjusted almost all of it. Let me tell you, it would of been horrid, if I did not have that original photo. I needed the photo for those colors that run down the edges, as well as references for the real cast shadows. It made this retouched image more believable.


This rug ad didn’t have a professional photographer. It also didn’t have a budget for a professional retoucher. I both shot and retouched this ad MANY moons ago. I think the experience was so much fun, it lead to my current career. Unfortunately I don’t have the original paint roller image as I created this before I archived all my Photoshop work, but I assure you it would make the end product even more impressive. Thanks again Tom! Oriental Rug Gallery of Texas another one of my favorite clients.


You will often see product collages like this in your local circulars, newspapers, and junk mailers. They are typically composed of images shot or provided by many different clients with very little direction or time spent proofing them. Yet they all have to be meshed together in one schnazzy image. I often look for and laugh at them. You can find many impossibilities in them. Items that are ridiculous in scale, missing clipped holes/transparency, and awkward shadows. I hope you will take more notice of them now.


Four differently lit images were used to create this sherlockian library scene. Besides the lone lamp’s now spotlight, be sure and notice the dog in the background. Once the leash was removed (not a quick or easy feat), the back leg and spine had to be adjusted downward. He looked like he was taking a leaping pee on the rug. In case you were wondering, the image was for Simple Solutions pet stain remover.


This odd image was also for Simple Solutions. It was touting their non-toxic pet friendly house cleaner formulas. The entire white washed atmospherically blurry background was three different images, that were blurred and color corrected to feel similar. The mask and alternate dog head were used to make the mask somewhat “fit” on his snout. Even though everything about a masked dog is impossible, they barely had enough images to make this shot possible. I think they should of tried to photograph the dog with a mask on, even if it was for pure comedic purposes. It would be more humane than some pet lovers pet’s Halloween costumes.


Dr Pepper & Carl’s Jr. were doing some fun tasting events. This image was for participants that pretended to jump a skateboard on a green screen. The two images were merged together and printed out for the participant as a keep sake. The brick wall and the asphalt were shot by me, after a few to many exhaustive stock searches.


The tourism hub, that is Branson Missouri, wanted to show off many of their attractions in one large ad collage. Yes, the family is orange, but also notice the boat’s reflection/extension in the water at sunset and all the meticulous clipping on every shot: the Vegas Strip style street scene, the boat’s smoke stacks, the track & people on the coaster, and everybody’s HAIR!


AT&T needed some images for their internal stock catalog, but their problem was that the phone was the only thing that can be branded. I created fake credit cards and checkout apps, while retaining the real reflections on the cards and screen.


It’s a lot easier to make reflections real when the tablet is shot with the screen off. But have no fear, Morgan Kimbell, your fake card is being processed, even if the fake app is now horizontal and much larger.


So you want the image to be HOW big? This little piece of stock was never meant to be this big. But with some reconstruction of a important building corner, a little imagination on what the mountains, and gradated huge sunset sky might look like. A Headline and copy filled the sky in case you were wondering.