Misc. Food

Here is a curated assortment of food projects that needed some retouching. I apologize in advance, if these cause undue cravings. Some ask, “Why does food need so much retouching?!” Which I typically respond with, “Why do people complain when food looks unappetizing and often choose more from a menu with pictures?”

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Best viewed on a desktop!

Snapple needed their bottle to better fit on some billboards & super-graphics (Building Sized). By raising the label and enhancing the legibility of the glass “S,” the extension on the billboard wasn’t wasted on large expanses of empty glass. Not to mention I made everything POP!


La Créme had seen comps of their labels for every meeting, but now they wanted to actually have printed comps of the final photography. Dark brown beans, white yogurt, and white translucent delicate flowers don’t play well together.


Take one can with condensation and a few slightly off and less pleasing renderings, and make it into six good looking sweaty cans. No problem, and I didn’t even have to consume any to get it done! I also mixed up the condensation patterns a bit so they wouldn’t look too perfect when seen together. Thanks for the opportunity Walo!


Rarely do I get a chance to take a mediocre photo and show what I could do to it. Like clipping the plate so you could put text underneath it.


Another example of a photo that doesn’t showcase the food like it should/could.


Raging Cow didn’t have the budget or hero bottles it needed to roar (or Moo loudly), but with a photographers help we were able to recreate it’s product line-up photographically. Due to the awkward FDA labelings and shiny plastic coatings, lighting every bottle perfectly was next to impossible. I was able to use the flat art to fix areas of heavy shadows or other messiness.


Translucent plastic tops, subtle real shadows, and proper product coloring were issues when taking this photography into the all purpose clipped library.



It’s apparently very expensive to get customized marshmallows to match your logo, especially for just one ad. 70k ft decided to use my talents to help the spoon & bowl shots come together for an ad’s main image.


Plantains & bananas do no look the same, but Pollo Tropical needed some help making their 2 different stock photos match. They wanted to have a larger bunch of plantains with one cut open to match some of the other fruits shots they had on their website. Notice these were two completely different stock shots. I’ve already overlapped them and scaled them to be in the same ballpark, so you can see the tougher work of splitting the difference for BOTH sets of fruits. The plantains in the back were too green. The yellow normal bananas in the front needed more green, as well as lots of bruises and speckling, to feel more like their Caribbean brethren.