As I’ve worked all throughout the marketing/communication industry for 20+ years, I’ve found myself spending much of my time in Photoshop. Sometimes by force, but mostly through choice. Many clients use me as a straight up retoucher, but I’ve also done a bunch of comps for small & huge presentations. Often finding myself as the “hands,” or “mouse” for CD Writers or clients that have an idea in mind, but can’t make it all come together.

I’ve started hundreds of projects from concept and took them to press. 
I am first and foremost a Creative Problem Solver. I’ve found, and perhaps more importantly my clients have found, some niche’s from which to exploit my abilities. Below are many of my skills and talents relating to Advertising, Design and Branding. Please take special notice of the retouching and comping skills in my portfolio. And maybe, just maybe, if I get more slow days I’ll update my website with newer work. :-X

On the personal side, I’m a curious adventurer that loved to travel. Many areas of Europe were visited with others still yet to be explored. I stumbled into the Peruvian rain forrest, and it’s now my favorite trip. I found an awesome wife in 2010 and married Debra post haste, which has lead to many new experiences. I’m now a dad of 3 awesome kiddos that keep me on my toes. And not just when walking around the hoard of legos. I enjoy being as Christlike as possible in both life and work. I still play strategy games but have hung up my basketball shoes & saltwater reef tank hobbies for the foreseeable future.

Image Manipulation:
, Digital Artistry
, Color Correction
, & Clipping Paths/Alpha Channels.

Art Director
, Concept
ing, Design, Typography, & Presentations.

Production Artist
, Scanning
, Advanced Typography
, Presentation Builder
, Logo Reproduction, 
Graphics, & Mounting.

Production Management
, Press Checks, & Make it/Build it myself.

Computer Skills:
Heavy Photoshop, 
Heavy Illustrator, 
, Keynote, Adobe Acrobat, 
PowerPoint, & others if forced. 😉

Identity Systems, 
, Brochures
, Direct Mail
, Posters
, Banners, 
Point-of-Purchase, Way-Finding 
, T-Shirts
, & Car Wraps

Commercials, Concepts, & Connections to Video Producers.

App Design, Banner Ad Creation, 
& Web Site Design* (*NOT programming.)

Trade Show Booth Design/Layout, 
Trade Show Graphics
, 3D Displays
, Prototyping
, & Tchotchke Creation.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.