A taste of some of the work I’ve done for Chili’s. With a plethora of great food stylists & photographers, my job can seem quite simple, until an Art Director decides how the picture will interact with a layout. Thankfully Johnson & Sekin, asked for a few of those kind of edits.

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Best viewed on a desktop!

It’s Chili’s you’ve got to show a burger!? It’s hard to get 3 intricate items to look good all at the same time on set, plus add the options of knives in or out for different layouts. So I help combine all of the best images and customize the needed files.


COVID necessitated this social media post in the summer of ’21. But you should have seen the sketch (check WampMade) and all the images this took to make it… Just keeping track of the reflections was a job on it’s own.


COVID nirvana was larger quantities of alcohol to-go for some. Notice the bag coloration and reflection.



Here is a good example on how slight shifts to individual colors add to the overall appeal of the food.


Let me tell you margarita colors are tricky to achieve, plus showing ice and drips, and then making the the whole shot appear on the edge of a counter.


Let’s take a desert break. Simultaneous hot & cold items are tough to capture in one shot. Then all the extra stylist’s dribbles and then warming up the chocolate because it was shot cold due to the REAL, not Crisco, ice cream.


I’m glad I don’t have to try to slice cheesecake this precise. But why the glass was tilted? Must of been a funny camera angle.


I love this fun layout, with all of it’s angles, shadows, and accouterments. It’s yet another example of things that would be impossible without Photoshop.


Clear bottles of clear liquids for ANY surfaces? Sure THANG!


A whole lot of tricky transparencies going on in this one. Also notice the sharpness/focus of all four areas.