My comping and drafting abilities have been utilized to not only show how a creative idea might look, but prove it’s possible using attainable materials. I won’t get into the weeds on production and activation, but if you want to know more about how my skills help tremendously in the approval and actualization process please contact me.

This 20’x 20′ golf tent for Bridgestone started utilizing my talents in the experiential marketing. Showing how the tent would look and actually function, helped for final approval and made sure it could and would be produced correctly.


Bridgestone then wanted to put together a much larger event. This 40’x 40′ tent and all the banners and pieces graced Super Bowl 43 in 2008.

The markers and to scale layouts were used for all four of Bridgestone’s highly visited Super Bowl Experience exhibits. I’ll save all the other layouts and images for brevity’s sake.

With the success of the football promotion, golf wanted to take another swing at it. A double-decker driving range was scaled back to a one story tire themed mini-golf course. The rough markers were used to create a foot print example. You can see my comping and retouching abilities were used to better visualize the event space.


PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Best viewed on a desktop!
Frito-Lay does LARGE presentations for many vendors that stock their products. I was the part of the team that used blue prints to create adequate presentation spaces for the brands. It helped the creatives see and understand their presentation space, as well as helped the whole project come together.


Even the hallway needed to be rendered in 3D to help with way-finding signage, lighting, and amount of curtain walls needed.


Room number 19 was one of the tight spaces to fit in all the presentation materials and seating.


Using angled rows and curved walls is not easy to pull off last second. So the award goes to…


This is but one of nine sample areas. The Doritos sampling showcase area was sourced from many different images for client approval and creative control.


Trilogy Marketing allowed me to help with Dr. Pepper & Carl’s Jr. marketing event. You can see some of the other images I did for this event in the WampMade © section.


Rose’s and Mr & Mrs T’s Mixers small pop-up sampling tent.


Mary Kay’s elaborate Party with a Purpose tent/event