I realized some of my creations are more than the retouching realm. These jewels are some examples of my boundary pushing or intensive collaging skills. I hope to keep pushing my skills and abilities for many years to come.


PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Best viewed on a desktop!

This is a comp used in a presentation that helped illustrate what the Art Director was thinking for a HUGE Mural ad/statement piece. A whole Hospital District is looking to make the campus more walkable and filled with nature.


This is the aforementioned statement piece of art. It contrasts the hospital buildings with the push for more nature and walkable paths to increase the quality of life in the whole hospital district.


This hyper-real peacock was quite surprised by my talents.


Six images shot by multiple photographers on different days were combined to create this large poster and newspaper ad. Notice the subtle color shifts on the woman and background that added a lot more warmth and life to her. All the architectural shots had to be color balanced to feel like they were from the same site and time of day. As a last second surprise, Budweiser wanted our classy, already retouched and proofed lady, to be holding one of their adult beverages. Thankfully, we found a can that was in a position that I was able to put into her already waiting hand.


I took a slightly embellished architect’s top down draft and imagined what it might look like with some planned redevelopments of the vacation property.


Ideally this piece of cover art work would have been created in a 3D program, but the budget and timeline did not allow. I was able to use the mortar from the previous project and skewed the perspectives to somewhat match the planes of the mountain sculpture. Without the quickly rendered brick’s perspectives, the whole image fell flat and was uninspiring.


3D chrome type looks and sounds great in a sketch, but getting it done takes a fair amount of work.


These crummy small images were all they had, but they needed RV sized art to be used at a tradeshow. So I enlarged and then recreated all the elements to be printed out full sized. Even though you can hardly tell at these web friendly sized photos. :-/


These crude 3D elements needed better lighting and integration with real stock for this large poster.


This odd looking photo is a stuffed and mounted bull head that is being lit by a professional photographer. What’s more normal than that? Then it’s morphed into the consistent man-esque bull, that you’ll see on every package. He has quite a wardrobe though. Notice all the changes from the original bull: both horns, symmetrical features (especially the nose), stereopsis eyes, eye brows/sockets, and the ears were tougher to tuck than they probably look. Did I point out the jaw line? Well I probably should have emphasized it. If you liked this one, you should see all of this Kingmade buddies.