Packaging Comping

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Also open up your browser window as big as you can to get the best view!

The clients and even creatives often want to see how something will look before the production managers have even heard of the project. My skill set allows for this dangerous practice. I will warn you, once your client can “see” what it might look like, you will have a hard time getting them to approve any lesser visual again.


I shot this granola topped yogurt that was similar to the size and shape their product would be packaged in. Then I retouched it so my clients at BrandCory could easily use it to show off their many design ideas into the green space.


Three Happy Cows liked this execution best, but they wanted to see what their yogurt cup would like like with a granola parfait.


Why stop with yogurt cups!? Drinkables were a bit tougher to pick a silhouette and cap, but we frankensteined some existing products together. BrandCory was then able to start showing the client some designs.


Remember what I said about once they’ve seen and approved my comps… it was then time to show them what a four pack should look like. I took a photo of their recently prototyped bottle, that didn’t even have a properly colored lid yet. We also comped up all their flavor offerings, for approvals, and perhaps more importantly many hero images for their website. Ad timelines need not match production timelines.


The Fast Fixin’ bags were already printed and on store shelves, but they wanted to refresh the graphics. Seeing the new art on flat mechanicals wasn’t enough for the final approval, so I comped them up on a previously photographed bag.


A quick iPad background for a POS device of a coffee bag swap ended up making customers checking out ask if there were actually bags for sale.


A liquor client was looking to brand a new spiced rum. We were tasked with what the labeling might look like. After begging and a little money, Echo Chernik provided us with some amazing pencil sketches. I spent rounds and rounds trying different color variations for both internal and external meetings. You are seeing the tip of that iceberg. They were eventually narrowed down and shown on flat bottles, as seen below.



These were my favorite quickly comped bottles. Something about a creepy black rabbit (actually clear label, you are just seeing the dark liquid inside) on a large field of smoke, still feels so right to me conceptually.