metroPCS needed my help with some of their large sports marketing images. Surely everyone knows about their nationwide 4G LTE data, talk and text without an annual contract by NOW!? Ohh wait that was back in the aughts?

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Best viewed on a desktop!

The comp is in the top left of the before, and then three different shots were used to make the after. A close up shot of the ball going thru the intricately clipped out net, a beauty shot of the phone, and another shot were the crowd was used repeatedly for a seamless blurry background.


LeBron showing China how to bleach his uniform. The Art Director wanted a super color saturated photo with a very bright white uniforms. It really popped the colors and put the players in a spotlight, well that and darkening the crowds in the background added to that effect.


Kobe also knew how to show off for Team USA basketball, but Jason Kidd seriously needs to know where to stand when the photographer is trying to take a picture of Kobe. We also couldn’t show the Olympic rings, if you were going to ask.


The Orlando Magic’s arena needed a HUGE wall graphic for a metroPCS recharge lounge. I thought it came together rather nicely and shows off quite a bit of retouching and color enhancements.


Why did they even try to guard Dirk? He’s just going to shoot it over you and I’m going to retouch out your hand. The following Mavs images were 20 feet tall banners that were in the American Airline Center’s rotundas wrapped around columns.


The Jet, aka Jason Terry, was a bit to fast for the photographer’s shutter speed, so I sharpened him up a bit.


No, I don’t love Jason Terry, I just really liked how this image turned out. Especially after all the work I did to his sweaty bright face. metroPCS did these column banners, in the American Airlines Center’s rotundas for a few years, so I did multiple members of the Mavs each year.


Taking a stock shot of a hockey goal on a frozen lake and making it look like an NHL one was a tad trickier than I make it seem.


Mike Modano also wanted to get in on the rotunda action in the AAC. Seeing how he’s a Hall of Famer now, I felt him worthy of making my portfolio page.