Sports Institute

Houston’s largest Hospital network, Memorial Hermann Healthcare System, wanted to open a premier clinic for athletes. Highly trained physicians and staff are there to push every level of athlete – whether they’re a recreational, competitive or professional athlete – to a higher level of performance. IronMan is now their main sponsor but, they launched with a Houston sports icon, Roger Clemens. Needless to say, the name of the institute changed soon after his steroids issues. But I still like my initial art direction and designs for the fledgling clinic.


Presented postcard and website comps.


One side of the tri-fold accordion brochure.


Back side of the tri-fold accordion brochure.


Sampling of pictures of the 40’x 40′ Tradeshow exhibit at the Houston Marathon.


This 30 Second TV Spot that was created for pre-show of Super Bowl 41. By the way, it was created in less than 30 days with the help of talented people at ReelFX.