Kingmade Jerky

Kingmade Jerky is for active sophisticates. So a spokes-bull was needed for it’s packaging. Each batch of Kingmade Jerky is crafted with tender cuts of premium beef flank steak, artfully seasoned and slow cooked to perfection, yet has the lowest sodium jerky on the market, and it has some of the most unique creative bags in the history of beef jerky. Golf clap BrandCory.

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Best viewed on a desktop!

This odd looking photo is a stuffed and mounted bull head that is being lit by a professional photographer. What’s more normal than that? Then it’s morphed into the consistent man-esque bull, that you’ll see on every package. He has quite a wardrobe though. Notice all the changes from the original bull: both horns, symmetrical features (especially the nose), stereopsis eyes, eye brows/sockets, and the ears were tougher to tuck than they probably look. Did I point out the jaw line? Well I probably should have emphasized it.


The bag comp that started it all. A Spanish bull fighting teddy bear/dog-ish bull, that was not readily available for the photoshoot. So much time was spent finding and making the delicate balance of bull to man. The matching wardrobe was much easier to find, but we couldn’t find a button that big. I’m a retoucher, not a magical button elf.


This is to prove you can still find bowler hats. Also I think I might qualify as a novice tailor now? Also I don’t think it was a rental. And yes, the bottom of the tux was cropped out.


Argyle is a lot like plaid maybe worse from a retouching POV, but thankfully it was only skewing, not re-weaving, or huge color shifts. Golfing is obviously a crucial part of this bull’s lifestyle. It’s their classic flavor in case you were curious.


The ski slopes could not escape the bull either. The transparent googles were not as tricky as the scarf’s neckline. The entire ski jacket was a bit too glossy and the collar needed some popping.


Fairly minor tweaks were needed for the hunting bull. The tight-necked turtle neck clearly had many moves, considering a bull would never fit any any piece of clothing like that. But once you give him a jaw, I guess that opened up his wardrobe options.


This baseballer is on deck. You won’t find him on websites or store shelves, yet.