IronMan Institute

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The IronMan Sports Medicine Institute is part of the Memorial Hermann Hospital network. They are the premier hospitals for sports related training, human performance, injuries, surgeries, and physical therapy. They really like seeing desaturated skinned athletes performing in their yellow and grey colors clipped out of mostly stock photos. For which, WampCorp ©, is clearly the best performer for them. You may also see some of their doctors on ESPN’s SportsCenter when a injury occurs, especially when none of the athlete’s PR people want to talk about what may or may not have happened, what the rehab time, and chance of recovery might be like.


This woman has a thigh made for kicking soccer balls. In this example I have one of the places this image was used. Many of the images from this campaign are used in multiple places. A high quality billboard must begin with a high resolution image. Notice the sharpening done to her feet.


The Houston Rockets are one of their higher profile Sporting Affiliations. Dwight Howard is features on a large arena image in the Toyota Center. Since Spalding and the NBA aren’t formally indorsing the institute their logos had to go. And because we were fixing stuff, they decided to lessen the harsh shadow on his face, remove the white highlight from his hand, and whiten his uniform.


This woman’s tennis skirt needed to be more modest, and it’s easier to redraw or re-string a racquet, then try to remove subtle painted on logos.


I gave this baller a wide open shot.


This IronMan collage relied completely on stock images. Giving the swimmer a reverse lobotomy was difficult. Deciding to put the bone dry swimmer underwater, was a late addition to the common sprint that is the ad insertion race.


Her foot, shirt and hair were already in motion. I sharpened the foot, clipped some blurred hair, and pulled her shirt back down. Not to mention all the added fabric details, once the uniform went to a medium grey.


If you’ve ever watched Olympic sprinters, you’ve seen the prepping and preening before the gun sounds. All that work goes out the window as they completely focus on the finish line. Thankfully, this lady had me on her side. I’m not sure anyone wants you to know what their hair looks like in the middle of a race.


This football player had a bit of sharpening and some missing toes.


Now a blurry racquet re-string and some lip work.


This cyclist’s skin needed a lot of desaturation to fit the campaign. Silver mirrored glasses were a nice improvement.


Most of this baseball image was color work on the uniform. Trying to capture a baseball as it’s struck by a bat, is next to impossible and rarely clear. We brought our own ball to the game, and lit it so it felt like it was actually in the original image.