Beal Bank

Beal Bank had a lot of photos of some of their nicer looking properties from around the country, but the problem was the windows often were more reflective than they wanted. They hate cars in the reflections on top of that, so those had to go as well. Their name wasn’t easy to read on many of the buildings either, so I fixed that too.

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Best viewed on a desktop!

Birmingham’s sign is now much more legible.


Tampa had mirrored glass, so I just darkened it a bit. I also added a bit of color to it’s sun bleached landscape.


Coral Gables had some amazingly poor palm tree shadow placement.


Bethesda’s car lot was removed.


Kansas City’s strip mall looks a little barren, but maybe a new shop can get a loan from the bank. The brick facade show’s this strip center has had many tenants, so I might advise against it.


Boston must be getting a new neighbor, and talk about a tough car filled window. Many people went round and round on how this one should look, so if you don’t like it, you’d probably would of liked one of the other versions. I archived them too, but I figured I’d already shown too many bank images. Plus, I’m honestly a bit surprised you are still reading the captions at this point.