Shirts for Sale

Here are some shirts that I’ve printed up over the years. I have a few that are still in stock and available for purchase. Sorry, I don’t have schnazzy web buy options, but I know WE can this figured out. 😉


Lg – 1   XL-1   2XL-1
“Schitt’s Creek” meme made especially for my teacher friends for the 2020 school year.
$10 bucks +Shipping



Sm – 3   Lg – 1   
Wear this shirt you might, while supplies last?!
$10 bucks +Shipping


Md – 1   Lg – 5*
Super premium shirts for wear during your zoom filled days. Viruses glow in the dark.
$10 bucks +Shipping
*A range of grey colors exist, which effects how each shirt looks.



Sm – 6   Md – 7   Lg – 3   XL – 5   2XL – 1   3XL – 1
Love the Cowboys, but not big fans of the owners? Well now there’s a shirt for them boys’ too!
$10 bucks +Shipping



Md – 1   Lg-1   XL-1
Retro Mavericks gear to show your loyalty.
$10 bucks +Shipping




Md – 4   Lg-2   XL-2   2XL -4   3XL – 1
If you are still a fan of “LOST” the TV series, boy have I found a shirt for you…
$10 bucks +Shipping



Lg-2   XL-2 
5 rings worth of an extended dynasty in Basketball.
$10 bucks +Shipping