People retouching? Sure, but with much shock & horror, The Glamour Shot or overly smoothed Instagram skin is not my preference! My esthetic is a more natural look with appropriate adjustments, but alas I’m capable of what most clients ask for. 😉

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Best viewed on a desktop!

This little bundle of joy needed to be clipped out and put on large tradeshow booth banners. And FYI, hair is tricky. Hair like his’, is extra tricky! The other minor adjustments were minor as I prefer.


Fashion that’s a steal, I hope that explains the bandit mask. And those pesky masks, they had almost no shape or depth in ANY of the shots. THEY also decided this cover shot needed more of a waist, which is trickier when the clothing has a medium sized repeating pattern.


Even though a professional photographer shot all of these C-Suite photos, that doesn’t mean they didn’t need some work. Notice the color shifting of foreground/background elements to match the cool colors of their website, where they would all be seen next to each other.


Sometimes a professional photographer doesn’t have the budget for styling, hair and makeup. But I was able to help after the fact and spruce the Caliber Collision staff up a bit.


And not everyone could apparently be there for the professional shoot. They tried to make do, and I then had to make a bit more of an effort to make them look and feel MORE like their cohorts. While not blowing the budget.


Harsh lighting isn’t always wanted, but sometimes you have to make do, when a couple of images of stock is all you have to work with.


Not really “people” retouching, but even a professional photographer can get carried away. Angled shots help add some spice to the ordinary, but can be problematic when you want them to be laid out in a normal rectangle layout. Luckily Texas Wesleyan had me in their back pocket, and I was able to fill in a few corners of the photo.


An example of how some simple color moves and minor clean ups can make a photo cover shot worthy.


Ok, I know I said no Glamour Shots, but when a picture is going huge above a mantle, a few touch ups really takes away some distractions from a truly lovely photo.