PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Also open up your browser window as big as you can to get the best view!

People retouching? Shock & horror! Glamour Shots is not my preference, but when a professionally shot (non-friend or family) asks for appropriate adjustments, I’m more than capable.You will see most of these are commercial work.


This little bundle of joy needed to be clipped out and put on large tradeshow booth banners. And FYI, hair is tricky. Hair like his’, is extra tricky!


Fashion that’s a steal, I hope that explains the bandit mask. And those pesky masks, they had almost no shape or depth in ANY of the shots. They also decided this cover shot needed more of a waist, which is trickier when the clothing has a medium sized repeating pattern.


The holiday version of the ad did not want to feature an armpit or wonky eyes. And polka-dot bags are sooo last season. This image is even more fun when you move the slider back and forth real quick. She kinda looks like she is “Bewitched.”


This fall billboard needed to be condensed to maximize the billboard’s space. Some wrinkles and fly-away hairs were worked on besides the mask like the other ads.


Don’t you wish you could do this with your wardrobe? Take a fall outfit and make it more spring/summer feeling? These images were the exact same shot as the billboard image above, but it’s the full shot now. Of course the colors of her top, background and eyes were shifted to match the season for The Shops at Park Lane.


Kids can be more than tricky to photograph. Three kids in the same shot just magnify the difficulty of finding the perfect shot. Three Different shots were combined to show off Kat & Duke’s neato cardboard enhancements.


Angled shots help add some spice to the ordinary, but can be problematic when you want them to be laid out in a normal rectangle layout. Luckily Texas Wesleyan had me in their back pocket, and I was able to fill in a few corners of the photo.


Water bottles are nice for guests, but not the prettiest for fancier archival photos. Also the lighting in a REAL environment is not always easy to fix in camera.


Ok, I know I said no Glamour Shots, but when a picture is going huge above a mantle, a few touch ups really takes away some distractions from a truly lovely photo.