The Marketing Arm comes up with tons of product and promotional ideas for Frito-Lay. I have been able to help in that process a few times. Most of the following are comps for presentation purposes. I even contributed with Design/Art Direction decisions on occasion, just another service I offer when warranted or appreciated.

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Best viewed on a desktop!

Another Art Director started this idea for a comp of a new product offering under the SunChips umbrella. I first gave them more than enough options to decide internally how the presentation execution would pan out. We had to work with this sub-par product photography. By flipping it and re-shading the round nuggets, I made one feel like four.



These options were done quickly so the clients could see the many permutations of 3-ish color options, and how differently they make the package look & feel.


Another example of how working with basic photography can be fixed up to feel much more polished for presentations.


Yes, I know the cheese and beans look less than stellar, considering where we started and the budget for a PRESENTATION. I think they will be able to convince the client NOT to have a window looking into their food.


This fun Halloween idea was started by the Art Director. I took a posed piece of art of Chester and removed portions only to have them show up in a mocked up glow in the dark version.


I’m not sure if nuking your tongue is a good idea, but they really appreciated my rendition of what the final bag might look like, if they choose to go in the mushroom cloud direction.


One of the many quick sketches that I brought to life with the help of a team of onlookers.


Adding the Doritos “Amp” logo was not the only thing I did to this piece of stadium stock. I was able to match the look and gritty feel of some of their other smaller promotional items.



When you are coming up with custom ideas, you often have to show what they MIGHT look like first for client approval, before actually finding the objects and making the end products. This exclusive ticket was one of the main prizes for a concert promotion by Doritos.