Corner Bakery Cafe

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Also open up your browser window as big as you can to get the best view!

A small sampling of some of the work I’ve done for Corner Bakery Cafe over the years. My goal in most of my retouching is to alter as little as possible, unless the client, in this case BrandCory, directs me otherwise. So with excellent food stylists & photographer Dick Patrick, you’ll see that most of these images changes are color related. If some of the croppings seem odd, it’s due to the way they use some of the images, as well as overlaying headlines, tall posters, wide register signs, and everything in between. You are seeing more images than you will ever see in the restaurants, and as fun as some of these images are, I can assure you the food tastes even better.


Warmed it up overall, added some steam from my private steam library.


Multiple shots of syrup dripping, probably around 7, were used to compose this image.


Re-purposed & recycled wood isn’t just on HGTV, it’s often used as backgrounds for food shots, but sometimes oily spots aren’t so appetizing. In this instance, the wood backdrops were cleaned up. Additionally, bread bowls are both tricky to make, and deceptively quick to look cold.


A half sandwich & soup is a regular sight at Corner Bakery, but a disappearing bowl shouldn’t be. If that even makes sense?


If it’s actually on a grill, you’d think it was hot, but you my friend, have never been on a photographer’s set as they are capturing food. The amount of time it takes to get the lighting right is not convenient for the temperature of the actual food or set. The lights are hot enough to bake anyone watching, but not efficient at keeping the food warm. For those of you that don’t know, the food is always made in (at least) triplicate. One just as a stand in, then at least one as the Hero, and I guess the other one is the “understudy,” in case the Hero fails to perform.


Even though the actual sandwich kind of melts all together, when people are looking at a menu they want to be able to see the main ingredients in it. Additionally, the grill marks got a little too black on this one, so I de-burnt the toast. I wish I could do that in real life.


Matching the background colors to others in this campaign series (like the first image on this page) can be tricky, but making the frappes look yummy & like the real ones was the primary goal.


There goes that bowl again, and wouldn’t it of been great if the sandwich was closer to the oatmeal. Not only can it move a couple inches over for one ad, it can move somewhere else for another ad’s copy/headline.


The color was adjusted on this image to present a brighter, fresher version than what the camera initially picked up.


They wanted the paper to be more crisp & white, the bowl & fork to be less yellow, and the meat balls to stand out from the mess that is spaghetti. Yes, I know those aren’t spaghetti noodles, lighten up. #dodge


Pancakes shots are always fun, due to the multiple shots of syrup drips we get to choose from. Let’s just say it took more than 5 shots to pull off this impossible pour (even though you don’t see a true “Before” here). The change in the color of the table & lightening of the shadows is also noteworthy.


I’m going to go out on a limb with this statement. If you’ve ever seen a picture that looks appetizing and has blueberries in it. It’s been retouched. There I said it, I can’t take it back. It’s posted on the internet, after all. Feel free to email appetizing blueberry images that you find that do not follow this rule.


The Blueberry Rule might apply better to artichokes, but let’s be honest it’s usually the accompaniments that you look at with artichokes. Vegetarian sandwiches can need retouching too.


I saved dessert for last. Well actually it’s a breakfast dish, but it sure does look dessert worthy!? So, I’ll take some credit for that.