Misc. Architecture

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Also open up your browser window as big as you can to get the best view!

Here are a few other building related images. I do enjoy architecture jobs, but I also enjoyed drafting class. Building photography is often ruined by light poles, power lines, or just that the building is still under construction. It doesn’t mean someone still wants or needs to show it off, and I’m glad to help. I also enjoy getting my mouse dirty on fixer-uppers. I know my own house projects have been more inspired by what something could look like after seeing the end result on screen. It not only inspires, it helps with anxiety about how something will look once the hard work is done or money is spent.


This piece of stock was chosen to match other blue duo-toned lobby art in a LA Realtors lobby. I rather like the color version, but to make the blue version even half as vibrant, it took many color moves and layers.


Solana was in the process of redoing their office park, but they needed to get some ads in the pipe on what the end product should look & feel like. So they found some stock and took some photos of their iconic obelisks and asked me to merge them together.


AT&T wanted to expand their generic stock library for their internal and vendor use. So with a model and a phone, they took a few simple and cheap to produce pictures, then found some stock construction sites. I was able to combine the shots and keep them looking realistic, without blowing the budget, and gave them more options for their background options.


Besides the slightly fish eyed perspective, matching the harsh outdoor lighting and shadows was critical to keeping this stock shot realistic looking.


Movie Trading Company was one of my favorite clients. We were in the process of creating what their new stores would look like, but we didn’t know they already allowed an interior design company to do the work on the new flagship store. When they weren’t happy with the new direction, I was able to take the rendering and apply some of their old elements, but ramp them up a few more notches with this comp. I truly believe this look and feel would of been part of the “New” look, but politics from their holding company (BlockBuster Video) fouled up everything. But hey, I still got this cool example of some interior architecture comping out of it.


2929 Weslayan needed to get the word out about the soon to be available high end condos. They only had architectural renderings of the striking final look of the building. The actual building was still far from finished, but by clipping out the rendering they were able to start producing design/ads with the final look and feel they wanted. This example was on a postcard.