Memorial Hermann Hospital

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Also open up your browser window as big as you can to get the best view!

Memorial Hermann has served the greater Houston area for over 105 years. With 5,500 affiliated physicians and 21,000 employees, they practice evidence-based medicine with a relentless focus on quality and patient safety. The largest not-for-profit health system in Southeast Texas, Memorial Hermann has 12 hospitals, numerous specialty programs, is ranked one of the nation’s Top 5 large health systems by Truven Health for patient safety and quality, and they’ve had lot’s of work for me to do.


Here’s a piece of nerve stock art that needed to be less cluttered for a bunch of neuro/spine collateral. I had to use my magnifying glasses as I doctored the fine background nerves between the 3D grid lattice of the closer nerve.


This is one example of hospitals that look better without a bunch of poles in the parking lot, less reflective glass, and better lighting. I can show you quite a few more hospital exteriors if you don’t believe me.


This hyper-real Houston skyline panoramic was used more as a design element at the bottom of ads that featured Memorial City’s hospital complex. We were able to use many shots to show the hospital sticking out from the trees, with a few buildings clipped from downtown Houston far away in the background. Tree layering and perspectives should not to be attempted by novices.


Even though this building was clearly shot at night, it was later decided that the building should be more recognizable. I fake lit the building, perhaps more than possible. A new sky and crayon fireworks were added to finish off a conceptual image for children’s care ads.


A crayon fort was to be the focus of this children’s ad, not light poles, young trees & a parking lot.


Spinning helicopter blades are hard to capture like you dream them, especially when they photographer surely had only a landing or two to snap them. Clipping them out was also pretty difficult. It was easier to paint in fake ones than to clip out a blur, with colored tips!


Take it from me, your newborn baby is precious, but once you look at ANY of them from a retouching perspective, they need more time at the spa. This kid was a dream compared to some of the other newborns I’ve retouched. Ask me about frankenbaby, sometime.


Sometimes the baby needs less work than the parent though. It’s rare, but if a casting agent found the perfect photogenic baby, it shouldn’t surprise me that the parents wouldn’t be as perfect. Assuming they are the REAL parents.


I assume the contraption was for physical therapy by picking up the block and putting it in the box. But let’s be honest, the cool part about this image is the brace/work out glove, even if a super contrasty fine patterned vinyl is tough to patch.


A stock photo that a had a few too many women in the line up for the billboard. Be sure and notice the missing women’s disappearing arms and hands. Not to mention a certain “Eddie Falco” look-a-like’s spray tan.


A few too many wrinkles and not nearly enough grass for a super wide billboard.


This stock photo’s casting director or make-up artist called in sick. The lab coated doctor was still recovering from a rough night. But hey, I guess I shouldn’t complain, it’s one more job for me.


Once the art director darkened the background of this stock photo for layout purposes, the doc’s arms felt way too sickly looking.