Smokey Bones

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Also open up your browser window as big as you can to get the best view!

Smokey Bones is a Darden concept that I helped with.


Sometimes just directing the eyes with lighting is the task. All the stainless steel sounded great on set, but once in layout it proved too distracting. Enhancing the flames also helped the hot and tasty factor.


Separations on the paper between the petals and the cone made this shot. Heating up and separating the potatoes helped as well.


There was so much work done to this poster, I’ll just make sure to emphasize the re-lit/shadowing of burger, ropes, and stool.


I still don’t like mushrooms, but apparently they should look more like this once fried.


The salad is less drab and the odd ripples in the meat are no longer a client issue.