Corner Bakery Catering

PLEASE Note and USE the <SLIDERS> to see Before & After images. Also open up your browser window as big as you can to get the best view!

It’s still all from Corner Bakery Cafe, these images were just larger in scope and typically ended up in their catering menus & collateral. The odd croppings and expanses of wood exist for headlines & copy. Adding bleed (additional image space at the edges) is often my task with images. Photographers often can’t capture such large expanses of wood, due to where the camera and lighting have to be. In order to capture the focus and look that BrandCory wanted. Or once the image is dropped in a layout, the designer realizes they need more wiggle room for silly things like legal or printed areas that wrap around the edge of a vinyl billboard.


I brought a lot more warmth to this spring table shot, and it livened up the tea quite a bit.


Cold sandwiches are fine in theory, but rarely in pictures. And let’s be real, who wants to see a wrinkly bun?


Lot’s more BLEED! Like we need the top of that chair bleed. The tulips became two instead of one weird looking one.


I love the color tweaks on this one. Every time I flip a layer on or off (or move the slider for you outside of Photoshop), I want to eat more cinnamon pound cake. #cake


The shadows really made this shot difficult. They muddied up the contents of the pitas. I’m sure glad I didn’t have to light this on set. If they spent more time on any of lighting the interiors of any pita, another pita’s contents would of wilted on set. And let me tell you, you would rather me be tweaking colors and shadows than trying to breathe life into dying food. That takes much more time!


This is what you should do when you haven’t decided on or designed a gift card for the holidays yet. Please notice the gift card’s reflection on the wood too.


I’m sure some of these color moves look like one step, but let me assure you there were many independent color masks that were used to create this platter of goodness.


Light the tree, add a couple of leaves to the dinner table, and re-wash those red glasses! If you move the slider back and forth quickly, it looks like the tree has twinkling lights.


Sometimes items blend together. The sandwich tray needed quite a bit of separations all over this one, and of course color moves abound. The picture frame was a fairly simple option to remove for some layouts when copy was present, or add back in if the layout felt empty.


I don’t know about you, but I hate cold eggs and tortillas. I hear cold coffee isn’t good either, but I don’t drink the stuff, so I wouldn’t know. I do know my steam library is like a microwave for coffee. Oranges that aren’t orange enough sounds like an oxymoron, but matching up mix-matched grapes is not.