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AdvancePierre Foods benefits from the rich history and niche expertise of four family-owned and operated food companies joined under the one name. Or as I’ve learned, you can see my work in Sam’s and Costco Freezers.


This fancy burger got more than the works when it came to color moves. The background was also too distracting, so it was darkened to further guide the eye to burger.


Please notice the seemingly hot greasy glistenings on meat patties. When you are done with that, you should know all the sandwiches on the right were part of this product’s line-up.


Just about everything was looking cold and dead on this shot. To the right is the rest of this large offering that went before my loving eyes and thru my loving hands.


The bacon, cheese, and the parchment paper were really dragging this burger into the unappetizing zone, not that you’d eat the paper.


This is a great example of a seemingly great shot, looking that much warmer once you can see the difference of my color moves.


This meat was supposed to look thinly sliced and hot, not heavy and cold.


A dead empty corner on the plate was livened up with a napkin and some more steak fingers.


This oddly cropped tray of steak fingers makes a lot more sense when you see the boxes lined up in a bulk freezer at Sam’s Club. It’s a neat trick to enlarge the image area of food by using the empty edges of it’s neighbor’s box, via a seamless repeating pattern. P.S. It’s not as quick or easy to pull off as it may look. Don’t even think about noodling the cropping on the box once it’s set.


What’s that, you want a chicken philly cheesesteak to be a chicken and bacon with ranch sandwich? Yeah, I can do that, as long as you have plenty of other images and references for me to pull from.


Remove the CRACKEN, and bring the chicken from the shadowed deep icy cold depths!


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